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Imagine a world without gravity. Somewhere you can float around with friends, chatting about your lives. Now, imagine that place has transformed into an arena where you and your friends can play games, compete in tournaments, and win prizes. In this place of unlimited possibilities, you experience something new every day. You only need a virtual reality headset and some help from Hex VR. Hex VR is a pioneer in zero gravity virtual reality gameplay, making otherworldly adventures that you can access right now! 

Abhay Purhohit“It's basically like zero gravity. VR [virtual reality] game... center[ed] around a steam punk and magic theme… You have a variety of different game modes that you can play in the game. The main one we're working on right now is an arena, and you use your controllers to fly around in zero gravity.” 

The Visionaries Behind Hex VR

University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) aerospace student Abhay Purhohit, is currently the COO. The CEO of the company, Cade Gilbert, brought the Hex VR project to life and made sure to bring Abhay to the team to handle the business side of the company. Abhay describes the team as 30 volunteers of all ages, with lead developers Blu and Stefan leading the charge. Stefan, one of the integral parts of Hex VR, is impressively just fifteen years old and already has 5+ years of experience in the coding industry. From sound artists, programmers, marketing professionals, and legal experts, it has taken a village of people with special talents to make Hex VR a reality.

Currently, Hex VR is still in its beta phase, and with help from the Leeds School of Business and Get Seed Funding, they are on track to finish and launch the full version of the game within the next year. Abhay says

“The game is still in a beta version. The cool part about that is it is still released to the public. Members of our community get the chance to try out the game as it progresses and get to witness it firsthand. That way, when the game grows, people can talk about how they used to play it back when it was first built.”

Hex VR GameplayAbhay specializes in marketing Hex VR by hosting campaigns to spread the word about the game. He handles everything from social media to community engagement events. For example, one of his main focuses right to get the word out about Hex VR is currently through tournaments in Echo VR. Echo VR is another zero-gravity virtual reality game that is getting shut down in August. The game has a loyal community, and with this news, a lot of traffic has increased to the Hex VR platform. Users of Echo are extremely excited about the direction Hex VR is going, and one user even says 

"This game could definitely replace Echo VR if all things go according to plan, I'm excited to see how it'll turn out, from being an early-stage tester to a finished game tester. Continue the great work Hex VR!" 

Forging a Competitive Future

Hex VR GameplayIn addition, the Hex VR team has decided to launch an esports section of their company, aiming to create a competitive league within Hex VR. With ambitions to become the biggest VR sport out there, they seek to build a community where players can compete against each other in tournaments, seasons, and other thrilling events.

Experience the Magic

In a fast-paced world, imaginative and driven minds must craft virtual reality experiences. Hex VR is differentiating itself from any other virtual reality game by having a beautiful platform, community, and talented group behind developing the game. Currently, you can download the early access version of Hex VR on SideQuest and enjoy it for free with a virtual reality headset. Within the next year, the fully developed game will be available for purchase at $20. Immerse yourself in the enchanting and vast world of possibilities that Hex VR has to offer!



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