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What do Oprah, Forbes, Business Insider, and Vogue all have in common? They endorse and love floral bouquets by Fresh Sends. The fragrant aroma, striking appearance, and heartfelt sentiment behind the gesture create an unforgettable memory. Ty Hiss started Fresh Sends with her co-founder and husband, Jesse Hiss, to help people feel seen, known, and loved through modern gifting. One thing is for sure– A bouquet goes a long way. 

Fresh Sends FlowersFrom Wedding Florist to the Nation’s Flower Girl 

Ty Hiss graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) with a degree in advertising and an additional focus in communications. Out of college, Ty found herself without a clear idea of what she wanted to do for her career. However, her parents instilled an entrepreneurial mindset in her from a young age, which allowed her to take the leap of faith and start a floral design company specifically for weddings and events. Her floral arrangements were a hit, and people soon started requesting bouquets for every occasion– birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and more. Ty saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the outdated gift-giving industry and create Fresh Sends. With its aesthetic packaging, jaw-dropping bouquets, overnight delivery, and wholesome message behind the brand, Fresh Sends delivers an experience that no other company can replicate. Soon, Ty was known as the flower girl of the nation, shipping out thousands of fresh flowers daily. 

Fresh sends took off quickly, and Ty and Jesse were quick to keep up. Jesse quit his job in commercial real estate to co-found and become the President of Fresh Sends. Their 900-square-foot house was turned into a mini headquarters, and the couple moved into their sister’s basement to make space for nearly a year to support Fresh Sends. Ty says she is “eternally grateful” for all of the support she has received from her family. Fresh Sends wouldn’t be the same without them. Ty’s parents “always encouraged their kids to find their own path and have full belief that you can execute.” Family plays a huge role in Ty’s life, and when asked about who inspires her most, she mentionsTy Hiss

“I have so many people that inspire me in different ways. My family, first and foremost. Both my parents, their wisdom, their courage, their humility. My husband and his incredible commitment.”

Little by Little 

Since working out of their 900-square-foot home headquarters in 2019, Fresh Sends now has a 6,000-square-foot warehouse to carry out their day-to-day operations. On a wall, you see their mission statement that reads: 

“Helping people be seen, known, and loved through modern gifting”

Right next to that statement, is the phrase “little by little” emphasizing Ty’s special connection to this simple yet effective mantra, which 

“reminds me that even if the daily progress seems small, after consistent progress, we can look back and see that massive distance we have come.”

When looking to the future, Ty is amazed at some of the brand partnerships she has planned for the next year that wouldn’t have been possible only a couple of years ago. If someone told her back then what Fresh Sends would be today, Ty says she would have to “pinch herself” to prove she wasn’t dreaming. Fresh sends flowers

The Fresh Sends Team 

Ty has an incredible team at Fresh Sends, and she always admires “their commitment to excellence and the mission.” She mentions that

“Our team is amazing. Every day I’m so impressed by their ability to develop new systems and strategies to make our organization stronger. We are in the business of bulk, so each team member [is] committed to making each gift and bouquet as good as the previous one. [This] is one of the many aspects that set us apart.”

Fresh sends is more than just a flower delivery service. It is a way to brighten someone's day and let them know they are loved and appreciated. No matter the occasion, Fresh Sends delivers the vital message to help someone feel seen, known and loved. Ty mentions that “More than ever, it’s important that people know they have a community, people that care about them, [and] we hope Fresh Sends can be a small reminder that they matter.”

There is nothing like the joyful feeling of receiving flowers but also gifting them to make someone feel special. Make sure to head to the Fresh Sends website and send that someone a gift. Also, make sure to follow Fresh Sends on their social media to keep up with what special things they’re planning next! 

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