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NVL team NextUse pitching their companyAre you launching a business? Worked at a startup? Want expert advice to grow your business? Apply for Leeds’ New Venture Launch (NVL) class and learn what it takes to run a successful business while getting the chance to win up to $25,000.

Led by the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship’s Faculty Director Brad Werner, this class will teach you how to translate existing products, services, and opportunities into real, functioning ventures. Learn from outside experts and speakers who have personal experience as founders or work directly with entrepreneurs and/or investors. With their help and expertise, you will develop the skills to undertake typical business functions with minimal resources and develop the know-how in business legalese, money raising, web presence, selling, innovation, marketing, cash management, and operations management.

Attracting many of CU Boulder’s best and brightest students, NVL has been in high demand since its launch in Spring 2019. In addition to the skills and expert advice, the class continues to draw crowds as it enhances collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship among aspiring business owners with powerful ideas and unique expertise.

In this class, hard work across campus will transition from an idea to a functioning venture. Students will also have the chance to pitch their businesses for up to $25,000 in non-equity funding throughout the semester. Skills learned from this class also prepare students for the New Venture Challenge (NVC). Last year, all NVL teams were accepted into NVC with two teams competing in the NVC finals for the grand prize.

According to the Deming Center’s Research Director and longtime NVL professor Jeff York,

“This class is for cross-disciplinary teams of students who want to launch their venture or have the experience of helping to do so.”

Brad WernerInterested?

All CU Boulder students, regardless of degree level, college, year, or major, should apply!

“The best ventures come from teams with students from multiple disciplines. Don’t have a team? Apply anyway! NVL is looking for entrepreneurial-minded students ready to test their skills and make an impact. If you have an idea, dedication, and grit, we’ll get you on the right team.” said Werner.

Applicants can apply as part of a team or individually. If you already have a team, every member must apply separately, and be sure to include the names of your team members on your application. Applications for individuals and teams are due by October 15, 2022.

Apply Here!

Still not sure if NVL is for you? We have several meetups throughout the Fall 2022 semester.  Stay updated on events by clicking here to apply or joining our distribution list for more information.

Have Expertise?

NVL depends on the expertise of our entrepreneurial community. Want to help? Sign up here or contact the Deming Center’s Program Manager Betsy Klein at

This course is made possible thanks to a generous gift from the Intuitive Foundation.

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