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Reed Gregory Meet Reed Gregory, a CU Boulder Alumni, Co-Founder of Twisted Wardrobe Designs, and partner of Kenyan Orphan Support. Twisted Wardrobe Designs is a Colorado-based women’s clothing boutique that carries apparel designed for everyday wear. 

Reed transferred to CU Boulder from Wisconsin during his Sophomore year. While attending CU Boulder, he played on the hockey team and studied Marketing at Leeds School of Business.

After graduating from the Leeds School of Business in 2020, Reed started assisting his mom with managing their two Colorado boutiques in Parker and Castle Rock. While working at the boutiques, Reed developed the idea to create a nonprofit organization that his boutiques could donate clothing to and give back to the community.  

Upon searching for a nonprofit to support, he eventually connected with Lorie Disaia,  President of Kenyan Orphan Support, who offered Reed a spot on the nonprofit team. Kenyan Orphan Support is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing education, healthcare, and other resources to Kenyan communities. 

About Kenyan Orphan Support

In 2007, Reed’s mother opened Twisted Wardrobe Designs. Growing up, Reed spent time assisting with day-to-day tasks of the business and helping make operational decisions for the boutiques. Upon graduation, Reed assisted his mom with running the two boutique clothing stores in Castle Rock and Parker, CO. While working at the clothing boutiques, he thought it would be a great idea to donate clothing by creating or partnering with a non-profit organization to give back to the community through clothing donation. 

Shortly after Reed began his nonprofit search, he was approached by Lori, President and Co-Founder of Kenyan Orphan Support. Reed instantly connected with the nonprofit’s mission and joined the team. He began managing the organization’s marketing efforts across social media platforms and eventually began creating ideas to increase funding for the nonprofit. As he took on more responsibilities with Kenyan Orphan Support, he learned that the organizational support extended to the entire Kenyan communities, not just the children.

The Kenyan Orphan Support team consists of Reed, Lori, and Julius!

Challenges Faced

For Reed and his mother, making it through COVID19 shutdowns with two store locations has been challenging. They have dedicated lots of time and energy towards creating an online presence in an attempt to increase online sales and get new customers online. 

Finding sponsors and generating funding has been a difficult task for the Kenyan Orphan Support team. The organization has big plans for the future, yet lacks funding to implement their ideas. Reed is determined to continue outreach and connect with donors. He is mainly focused on finding sponsors for the children and community members. 

To donate to the Kenyan Orphan Support, click here.

Upcoming Projects/ Events

Twisted Wardrobe Designs will be hosting an in-store event on December 19 at their Castle Rock Location! The event will be located at 658 Genoa Way Castle Rock, CO 80109.

For more information and updates on Twisted Wardrobe Designs, follow their Instagram page or view their website

In the coming months, Reed plans to visit Kenya and assist with in-person tasks in a community that his nonprofit has been helping. 

The Kenyan Orphan Support team plans on building care facilities for the elderly communities abroad. The organization currently assists all members of the community and hopes to continue implementing resources that cater to the needs of community members at all ages.

Additionally, the team has been considering the idea of creating a community Airbnb that allows tourists to visit. The money generated from Airbnb would be allocated to the community and used to assist future community projects. 

If you’d like to keep up with the Kenyan Orphan Support team, follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

Advice for Current Students

Reed provides the following advice for current students and aspiring entrepreneurs,

“You’re getting further than you think. As long as you’re working hard and putting in the work, you’ll be surprised by how far you will actually get!” 

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