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Timothee and Bradley, Founders of Mojo CultureMeet Timothee Berthier and Bradley Hansen, current students at CU Boulder and Founders of Mojo Culture! Mojo Culture is a unique clothing brand that aims to encompass the true personality of each individual and build a sense of community within the brand. 

Timothee grew up in Northern California near the Bay Area and is a Junior in the Leeds School of Business studying Marketing with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He has always been interested in building a company of his own that truly values its employees, customers, and the surrounding environment.

Bradley was raised in Castle Rock, Colorado, and is a Junior at CU Boulder studying  Strategic Communications with a minor in Anthropology. He has always been entrepreneurially driven and worked as a caddy in high school where he would collect lost balls then resell them to golfers. Bradley also has a landscaping business in Castle Rock that he manages remotely from Boulder. In addition to Mojo, Bradley is working on an app that unites people through their dogs, similar to Tinder, and working alongside a team in Denver for OneKindCup. While Brad is involved in several entrepreneurial ventures, his primary focus is with Mojo Culture. 

When Bradley began school at CU Boulder, he realized the major role brands played in student clothing decisions and the weight that those opinions have on other students. He became tired of feeling identified by the clothing brands he wore and wanted to create a clothing brand that could fully encompass each aspect of himself and others. Mojo aims to represent the entire individual.

About Mojo

The idea for Mojo came to Bradley during his freshman year when he realized the influence clothing brands had on students' perspectives of each other. He wanted to create a brand that encompassed the true personality of each individual. Bradley further explained,

“People are like onions, they have many different layers and aspects to their personalities. We want Mojo to represent that.”

ThaMr. Mojo Culturet same year, Bradley was introduced to Timothee at a Greek Life event. He shared his idea with Timothee and the duo began Mojo Culture. The duo decided on the name Mojo Culture as opposed to Mojo Apparel because they want to create a community rather than just showcase their brand. In addition to creating clothing, they also produce a variety of video edits and host events that encourage individualism.

Bradley focuses on creating drawings, animations, and shirt designs for Mojo Culture. He also assists Timothee with sales efforts. Timothee manages Mojo Culture's website and production operations.

Upcoming Projects/Events

Keep an eye out for Timothee and Bradley on University Hill. The duo regularly walks around selling Mojo apparel. They even mentioned that if they happened to sell out of merchandise while on the hill, they’d likely sell the shirts off their back to ensure that each person got their fair share of Mojo Culture!

Mojo Culture will soon be featured in various clothing stores in Boulder and is working alongside sororities to create custom t-shirts for special events. Mojo Culture will also be hosting an event in the near future showcasing student DJs and other local artists.

Additionally, Mojo would like to sponsor people who encompass the Mojo culture, lifestyle, and mentality. They are searching for ambassadors so make sure to reach out to them if you think you may be a good fit! 

Challenges Faced

The Mojo duo has been struggling recently with production technicalities and wants to ensure the best quality and price for their consumers. Timothee is currently working towards finding a solution.

Advice for Students

The Mojo brand has the following motto:

“You only have one life, take control, be creative, and live your mojo life!”

Bradley shares life lessons from all of his entrepreneurial adventures, 

“Just go for it. If you take one step and it feels good, take another step and continue to go from there. If things don’t feel right, it’s ok to take a step back and find another way to go around it.”

Tim elaborates on his life lessons,

“I’ve struggled with hesitation. Rather than hesitating, focus on what interests you and get it done! Don't let your excuses take over your ambitions.” 

If you are interested in learning more about Mojo Culture or would like to get in touch with Bradley or Timothee, reach out to them via email! Additionally, be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their newest collections!

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