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Chris Seighman - Rocky Mountain 3D PrintingMeet Chris Seighman, Founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain 3D Printing! Rocky Mountain 3D Printing creates a variety of unique 3D printed pieces for consumers to purchase on Etsy and social media platforms. 

Chris graduated with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2020 at CU Boulder. Growing up Chris worked for his family’s business and became interested in entrepreneurship. He enjoyed the freedom that came with running your own business and hoped to one day have an opportunity to follow in their footsteps. 

About Rocky Mountain 3D Printing

Rocky Mountain 3D Printing began as a result of Chris’s undergraduate capstone project. He purchased a 3D printer for himself because of the limited access available at his previous school. His first-ever 3D printed product was a nightstand for his apple watch and a wireless phone charger. From there Chris let his creativity run wild and he eventually created products to cater to more niche categories. He created items from StarWars themed memorabilia to tap handles, office supplies, home goods, and much more. Chris enjoys being creative and going head-to-head with the challenges in front of him. 

Chris sells his products on platforms such as Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and special requests on Reddit. Chris is the only employee at Rocky Mountain 3D printing, however, his girlfriend assists with marketing and social media outreach. 

Upcoming Projects/ Events

Chris is currently preparing for the launch of his holiday season products. Be sure to check out his Etsy shop for more information!

Challenges Faced

Rocky Mountain 3D PrintingChris believes that one of the most challenging aspects of starting his business was differentiating himself from his other 3D printing competitors. Chris was undercut in price by several competitors which gave him an opportunity to identify what he could do to set himself apart and still be able to charge customers a reasonable price that reflected the quality of his products. 

With Rocky Mountain 3D Printing operating as a one-man show, Chris also struggled with marketing. Since he did not have a team to support his efforts, he managed all social media accounts and customer connections by himself. Recently, his girlfriend has offered to help him with marketing, and relieved some of the weight off Chris’ shoulders.

Advice for Current Students

Chris provides the following advice for students: 

“Get involved! When you’re walking around campus, take the time to read posters. You never know what might be going on and it’s important to keep your eyes open. You just might find a really great opportunity.”

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