Laurie JonesMeet Laurie Jones, founder and CEO of Plain Skincare! This fall, Plain Skincare released Rideau Organics, an all-natural, organic, and plant-based product that incorporates camelina seed oil to provide extra moisture. Their goal is to combine nature’s benefits with a serious science approach and create a skincare product that works for everyone.

This past summer, Laurie attended the Deming Center’s Rural Colorado Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop, an interactive course taught by Erick Mueller, Hunter Albright, and other distinguished faculty for anyone interested in launching their own business or improving an existing business. The two-day workshop provides a fundamental framework and toolset that helps entrepreneurs develop sought-after products and services, avoid pitfalls, and succeed at entrepreneurship. During this workshop, Laurie was able to identify the potential of Rideau Organics and made the decision to fully pursue the venture.

About Rideau Organics

Laurie has always been an entrepreneur. Having taken part in several ventures over the years, Rideau Organics came as a result of a failed venture nearly 15 years ago. Her entrepreneurial past started when she partnered with Tom Cass, a chemical engineer, to create motor oil from canola seeds in an effort to lower carbon emissions and better our environment. Realizing the world wasn’t ready to make this change, Tom and Laurie abandoned the venture and continued doing separate things. 

This past year, Tom reached out to Laurie to share a product he created for his wife’s horse that healed its hooves. Laurie was intrigued since she had also been considering the idea of producing skincare products for her own personal use after surviving breast cancer and feeling dissatisfied with products on the market. 

Laurie, her son Jon, and Tom put their heads together to create Plain Skincare’s first product line, Rideau Organics. ‘Rideau’ is a French word for “small mound of earth.” Laurie was extremely passionate about giving the brand a name she felt truly reflected what was in the products. 

Laurie is the CEO, head of strategy, sales, and marketing for Plain Skincare. Jon manages the finances, analyzing, and shipping. Tom is also in charge of research, development, laboratory, and manufacturing. 

Rideau Organics is currently available at CJ Barnes Pharmacy in Sterling, Colorado, or through the Rideau Organics website.

Experience with Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop

Laurie attended the Demystifying workshop via Zoom last summer. At this two-day workshop, Laurie was able to have discussions with Erick Mueller, Hunter Albright, distinguished faculty members, and other entrepreneurs. The goal of this workshop is to motivate, teach, and provide aspiring entrepreneurs with new tools to be successful. Upon completion of this course, members are awarded a University of Colorado Leeds School of Business Certificate of Completion.

Laurie mentioned that the format of the workshop and questions asked helped her identify the potential of the company. She also realized that now is a perfect time to pursue Rideau Organics, especially in Colorado with the dry climate. 

COVID-19 Implications

Laurie has noticed that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been sanitizing their hands quite often, an action that tends to lead to dry skin. She has had an opportunity to speak with healthcare workers and receive feedback on the benefits and moisturizing power of Rideau Organics hand balms to improve skin moisture.

The pandemic has also provided Laurie and her team with time to develop products and fully commit to launching the company.

Future Plans and Upcoming ProjectsLaurie Jones and Rideau Organics Products

Rideau currently has various lip balms and two hand products. However, they have a foot balm to help solve rough, cracked feet in production. The foot balm will be displayed in a deodorant-like case that can be rolled onto your feet after showering. Rideau also has a body lotion in development.

Laurie and her team have been limited with event opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Laurie has recently been vaccinated and hopes to attend the CJ Barnes Pharmacy to meet customers, hand out product samples, and answer questions. Event updates will be featured on their Facebook page and website.

Advice for Students

Laurie provides the following advice to current students,

“Whether you are choosing the direction you want for a work career, or have identified something you want to create as a business, don’t let people tell you it can’t happen. You need to go with what you personally believe, your instincts, and what you love to do.” 

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