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Brianna LuceroMeet Brianna Lucero, the Deming Center’s Student Marketing Intern who has been working with the Deming Center since 2019! Brianna is a graduating senior at the Leeds School of Business studying Marketing and Information Management. Brianna has been an outstanding addition to the Deming Center team over the past couple of years! 

Brianna is a Colorado native and participated in the International Baccalaureate Program in high school. Her interest in entrepreneurship primarily began once she came to CU Boulder. She was intrigued by all the innovative start-ups, classes, and the entrepreneurial community as a whole. Brianna has excelled as the editor of The Pulse and believes that her experience with Deming Center has increased her business knowledge and has led her to a mindset of curiosity and discovery.

Experience at the Deming Center

Brianna joined the Deming team her Sophomore year. As a Marketing and Information Management major, she is very data-driven and loves to incorporate that into her creative side. She shared how great it has been to do the things she loves while also helping students build what they envision at CU Boulder.

When COVID-19 hit, she was more than grateful to have her position at the Deming Center and take on more responsibilities with the changing environment. This gave her an opportunity to develop her skills and learn new ones along the way. She has written over 30 articles and became the managing editor of our weekly newsletter, The Pulse. When asked about takeaways from her time with Deming, Brianna responded:

“The Deming Center has made me confident in my business knowledge, as well as led me to a mindset of curiosity and discovery. My communication skills and ability to generate content specific to our demographic is something that I’ve been able to capture in my work. I have also been able to familiarize myself in Salesforce, website updating, and so much more.”

Brianna has made many memories since she began her sophomore year and elaborated on her experience: 

“Every day working with the Deming team was great. My favorite memory from working at the Deming Center was meeting so many interesting people. Every week I was able to hear about the amazing things that people in Boulder were doing. This was so inspirational and interesting to me. Entrepreneurship is something that CU Boulder is wonderful at encouraging. The Deming Center has so many unique opportunities for you to get involved and expand your skills.”

Future Plans

Brianna has held multiple internships over the years outside of her Marketing position with the Deming Center. She previously interned for Page 1 Solutions, now known as Advice Media, a digital marketing agency where she was able to work in many different roles such as search engine optimization, social media, and co-writing website content. While working at Deming, she has also been interning at Cyberscience Corporation, a business intelligence software company for nearly a year. At Cyberscience Corporation, Brianna’s main focus has been developing their marketing strategy. She plans on continuing her job with them as she searches for a full-time position in content marketing. 

Advice for Students

Brianna shares the following advice for students:

“I think it is especially hard to go through higher education during the pandemic, so I hope that students understand how important it is to take care of themselves. I believe there is a lot of pressure placed on us right now and it is hard to take a pause to breathe. There are so many different resources across campus that can help you with whatever you need. My time at CU Boulder flew by and I wish I had taken more advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that CU Boulder provided me with, so I hope students do take advantage of those opportunities!”

A Message to Brianna from Us

We are extremely sad to see Brianna go! Brianna has been a wonderful intern and a pleasure to work with at the Deming Center. Brianna has spearheaded the Pulse and been an integral member to the Deming Team! Brianna has been mature and dependable during her time at Deming. We appreciate everything Brianna has done for us here at the Deming Center and wish her the best in her future career!

Please feel free to reach out to Brianna via LinkedIn if you feel she may be a good match for your growing company!

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