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Mason MoranMeet Mason C. Moran, a senior at CU Boulder studying Creative Technology and Design. Mason is the founder of Modulla Shoe Company, a company designing a new kind of athletic shoe that is versatile with interchangeable soles. Mason grew up in a small town in North Dakota and has always been passionate about invention, innovation, and design. He is very grateful that his major is suited to pursue his passions and that CU Boulder has guided him towards entrepreneurship. 

Mason is the VP and Co-captain of the CU Gaelic club, a traditional Irish sports club. He is also the President of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) chapter, which strives to provide Native American and indigenous students with a sense of community and career opportunities. We are proud to share that Mason’s team has just recently won HACK CU 7, a competitive programming event they have been participating in since 2019! 

Modulla Shoe Company

The idea for Modulla Shoe Company came about when Mason was in middle school. Frustrated with having to carry multiple pairs of shoes in his backpack for different sporting activities, he felt there needed to be a solution to make this easier for himself and other athletes. Thus Mason wanted to create a versatile shoe with interchangeable soles. Mason shared his company vision:

“The Modulla Shoe Company designs and markets a unique new kind of athletic shoe. The premise is that the shoes have removable soles, that can be switched out for different soles based on any activity. If you have a soccer match this evening and pickup basketball this morning, simply switch your basketball soles out for spikes. Modulla tailors different soles to any activity, opening sports up to a wider range of players. Modern athletic shoes are extremely expensive, and my model will make it cheaper, by being able to buy one pair of shoes, and then multiple soles for different activities that will make it cheaper to participate, and more environmentally friendly. A lot of good shoes end up in landfills, even though many times the sole is the only part that has gone bad. Enter Modulla Shoes. One Shoe for One You.”

COVID-19 Implications

Mason believes that the pandemic has provided him with a lot of opportunities to pursue his passions. After realizing that entrepreneurship was his passion, he was able to narrow down his ideas and focus on his venture, Modulla Shoe Company. The pandemic has given him the chance to put his life goals into perspective and he is planning to use this summer to aggressively pursue his venture. Keep an eye out for his website coming soon!

Advice for Current Students 

Mason shares this piece of advice to current student entrepreneurs:

“A lot of people are going to tell you what they think you should do. Very few of them will tell you to pursue entrepreneurship but you have to take into account what's important to you. No one can tell you how your life will work out. You have to have faith in you, your abilities, and your sense. Just remember that things will happen, good and bad, and enjoy the ride along the way.But so long as you’re moving in the direction you want, nothing can truly throw you off course.”

Interested in Modulla Shoe Company?

Feel free to reach out to Mason at with any advice, questions, or ideas you may have for his company. Mason is happy to connect with you and appreciates any opportunity to grow! 

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