Published: March 10, 2021

We want to wish a warm welcome to our new program coordinator, Maddie Light! Maddie is from Burlington, Vermont. She received her bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Geography at CU Boulder in May 2019. Currently, she is in the process of making jewelry out of wood and recycled beads. Her company is called Moxie Jewelry Co. and a portion of every purchase goes to a cause of your choice!

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

From age six, her dream job was to “be her own boss!” She remembers shadowing her father at his company as a child. During college, she even co-founded and ran a clothing line! Her company took repurposed materials from thrift stores and made one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition to selling clothing on their website, they eventually became personal designers for a rap group in Boulder and collaborated with them to network and sell their apparel.

Maddie and her roommate started the company together. They loved shopping and found a way to sustain their shopping addiction for the long run. Maddie loved sewing and creating so altering their own thrifted finds to resell was perfect for her. 

The Deming Center

When Maddie was a student, she worked closely with the person in her current position. They would always talk about various company achievements and issues. The Deming Center helped guide her throughout her entrepreneurial journey while at CU Boulder. When she saw the job posting for the Program Coordinator position, she was thrilled. She remembers how much the Deming Center helped her and believes that she could have a huge impact on other students just like her. 

Check out the Deming Center’s events and programs here!  

Advice for Current Students

“Take advantage of all the people around you that want to help and see you succeed! I didn’t realize how big of a network CU Boulder and Leeds had until I was in my senior year. I didn’t take as much advantage of all of the opportunities as I had wished. CU Boulder has so many amazing resources that students don’t always utilize.”

Welcome to the team, Maddie! We are happy you are on board!

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