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Meet Lochlainn Renfrow, a soon-to-be graduate at CU Boulder, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of the medical scheduling app, Hublete. LochlainnRenfrowLochlainn grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has spent the last 5 years in Boulder, Colorado. He studies Information Management and Analytics, Operations, & Marketing with a Minor in Technology, Arts, & Media. Lochlainn always had an interest in entrepreneurship and during his time at CU Boulder, he was able to thrive.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

The first time Lochlainn dove into the entrepreneurial world was when he was just eight years old. He remembers going door-to-door to rake leaves off peoples’ yards to earn enough money to buy an iPod. Lochlainn began learning about the different ways one can earn money. After working his first job as a lifeguard at 15, he knew that he wanted to be involved in self-starter projects in the future. 

From stock trading to starting a couple small ventures his freshman year, Lochlainn has always strived to learn from these unique experiences. Although they might not all be successful, they add value to his own skill set because he can see first-handedly what works and what doesn't. 


Lochlainn’s most laborious and successful venture thus far has been Hublete, an app that connects health professionals to those seeking sessions. In the spring semester of his freshman year, Lochlainn started Hublete with Cristina Bermudez, a childhood friend and student at Yale University. Having once been injured student athletes, they understood the struggle of finding trusted and accredited health professionals. That began their interest in developing this app.

Most recently, the Hublete team participated in Yale University’s Startup Fellowship this past summer. After working with mentors and getting some funding, it was time for them to think long-term about Hublete’s future. 

Tough Decisions

Preparing for his final semester and overloaded with credits, Lochlainn made the decision to resign from his role as a manager at Hublete. Although the decision was difficult to make, it felt like the right time for Lochlainn to put his efforts elsewhere. 

After this shift in early August, he was able to step away and reflect on his time at Hublete. With  new lessons learned, Lochlainn dove into his next venture. His new idea is to produce an individually-packaged powdered natural sports recovery drink. The beverage offers amazing health benefits and delicious taste. This product allows you to take these benefits with you anywhere you want. Stay tuned for this coming venture...

Advice for Current Students

Lochlainn offered this set of advice for students interested in entrepreneurship: 

  1. If you're doing it, it's likely going to take a lot of your time and life. Recognize the risk and time needed. When I left Hublete, I had negative dollars to my name. A venture can go many different ways, so it's important to be conscious. 

  2. Find your target market and prove it’s there. 

  3. Collaborate with those who have complimentary resources and skills.

  4. Approach it with grace and try to enjoy it. "

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