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We are thrilled to be joined by Mark Hubbard of Blizzard Brewing Company, Australia’s highest and first brewery above the snowline and based in a ski resort, for our final Startups & Sandwiches event of the semester (4pm MT on December 3rd)! Mark HubbardMark is a CU Boulder alumn and began his business career studying accounting at the Leeds School of Business. He loved the Boulder scenery and beautiful campus that it had to offer. He elaborated on his passion for the scenery in Boulder,

“I spent most of my time not in class or studying, rather in the mountains skiing or climbing.” 

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Mark didn't always see himself as an entrepreneur. His father was a partner at a Big Four firm and Mark always believed he would follow in his footsteps. After gaining some skills and experience to give entrepreneurship a go, Mark began to do things for himself rather than other stakeholders. Being your own boss offered a freedom that Mark loved: making decisions without the interference of politics or other factors you’d see in a typical business setting. And the most rewarding part for Mark was the chance to provide his customers with an enjoyable and memorable experience. 


Blizzard Brewing Company is Australia’s highest and first brewery above the snowline and based in a ski resort. Guests are able to ski into the brewery in the Alpine Village of Dinner Plain. The Blizzard team brews with fresh spring water sourced from snowmelt-fed underground aquifers that are unique to Australia. With an award-winning brew and an iconic Alpine experience, Blizzard is the Colorado-style brewery that Mark had dreamed of. 

Due to the pandemic, Blizzard has seen a shift in sales. As a primarily tourist venue, they aren't able to get many visitors because of restrictions this year. As a result, many of their sales were made online (unfortunately they are too small to ship overseas right now). Check out their website here! 

Advice for Current Students

“This road is about passion. If you just think you can build a better mouse trap but really don't care about mouse traps, maybe think twice. The risks are high, the pressure is great, most of the rewards are non-monetary, especially in the early days.”

Startups & Sandwiches Event

Thursday, December 3rd | 4:00pm | ZOOM

Be sure to tune into this S&S event to learn more about Mark and Blizzard Brewing Co!

Click here to register!

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