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MOlivia Pedersoneet Olivia Pedersen, CEO & Founder of Sustaio, a mobile app dedicated to helping guide you to a more sustainable lifestyle. The Sustaio mobile app aims to help its users transition their habits to being low-impact by providing daily tips, setting goals, and saving useful resources, all in one trusted place! Think of the Sustaio mobile app as a pocket-sized personal guide to a sustainable lifestyle. The in-app guided learning experience will make the transition to a low-impact lifestyle easy. Oilivia Pedersen is a two-time graduate of the Southwest Rural Colorado Entrepreneurship Workshops hosted by Deming Center faculty and local community partners.

Olivia attended the Rural Colorado Workshops because she heard an unusual buzz about entrepreneurship in Telluride. When living in a ski town, there’s almost always buzz, but not often about entrepreneurship. That’s what the Rural Colorado Workshop brought to Norwood in 2019. Oilivia was excited to see small businesses passionate about scaling their own ventures and being around like-minded entrepreneurs. She was also in the process of cultivating her mobile application, Sustaio. 


Sustaio is on a mission to empower individuals by making sustainability easy. Their first product is the Sustaio mobile app that aims to help its users transition their habits to being circular by providing daily sustainability tips, setting goals, and saving useful resources. The in-app guided learning experience will make users’ transitions to a low impact lifestyle easy!Sustaio

Big news — Sustaio is fundraising to launch its mobile application! The campaign with IFundWomen is now live, you can check it out here: 

Advice for current students

Olivia encouraged curiosity and hard work in entrepreneurship,

“Being an entrepreneur is inspiring and energizing. I never get bored because I’m not working on the same things and it keeps me engaged. My advice for students would be to keep turning over those rocks to find what you’re looking for!”

To get in touch with Olivia, contact her by email at!

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