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theinbetween2020Meet Hailey Breaker, a rising senior at CU Boulder and co-founder of theinbetween2020, a digital media platform for womxn, femmes, and non-binary POC. Hailey is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Leadership Studies. 

Hailey started this project with three other CU students through INVST Community Studies, an environmental and social justice leadership program. They were asked to develop a one year project that addresses a need in the community. As womxn of color with shared experiences, the group was very aware of the exclusivity and negative experiences they have endured in most communities. Recognizing a need for a space that highlights and celebrates WOC rather than belittles them was a key goal with this project. With all of the founders being very passionate about social injustices, it was difficult for them to just pick one. 


They settled upon an online platform, created by and for womxn and femmes of color. With their past experiences and passion for social justice, they knew that they wanted to instill a sense of community where it was much needed. The online platform allows them to reach audiences beyond just the Boulder area and they are excited to keep growing!

Created in January 2020, theinbetween2020 provides a safe space for positivity, creativity, and art. They spotlight womxn of color in the community, whether it be their art, poetry, prose, or simply spreading the word on some awesome work that they have done. People can also vent or share stories regarding their identity via their anonymous forum. The platform also has a number of resources available regarding COVID, Black Lives Matter, and other POC initiatives. Hailey Breaker details their efforts, 

“We sought out a space where we could be celebrated and normalized, not belittled and tokenized. As womxn and femmes of color, we have multidimensional identities and this shouldn’t be overlooked! We want to share a sense of belonging and encourage self-love.”

What’s next?

Hailey and her team recently received a research grant from UROP and are in the process of determining how to spend it. They are planning to organize free and accessible Zoom events throughout the semester. Bringing in guest speakers to host art workshops and other fun events will be coming soon. Hailey Breaker elaborates on future events,

“These spaces are very far and few in between, so we wanted to make this to bring everyone closer. It can get depressing to think about all the injustices in the world, so focusing on the cool writing, art, and expression that all these really awesome people do has been so amazing.”

Advice for current students

Hailey emphasized the importance of not being discouraged. There are always going to be members in a community that don’t support creativity or new ventures, but if you remain inspired, Hailey believes that anyone can do anything.

How can you get involved?

theinbetween2020The womxn at theinbetween2020 would love to have more people involved. You can submit your own art, share stories, recommend businesses, and nominate WOC to be featured. They also partner with student organizations, so if you are involved and would like to partner with theinbetween2020, let them know. 

Additionally, if anyone is interested in a behind the scenes role, don’t hesitate to reach out!

For inquiries:

Instagram: @theinbetween2020

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