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Ales Vicic HGV WorkshopWe recently had the pleasure of welcoming Aleš Vičič, a sports and performance psychologist with 20+ years of experience working with elite & Olympic-level athletes, to lead a workshop for MBA candidates in our High Growth Venture Fellowship program. 

Aleš expanded his work and expertise into the business-consulting field after establishing the largest and most recognized sports psychology practice in Slovenia. Throughout his career he counseled over 400 athletes and coaches from more than 40 sports.

“One’s ability to manage thoughts, feelings and behavior is essential for success in any field of elite performance.”

Overcoming fundamental issues

Our students have high ambitions, fierce competition, and demanding environments. Learning how to address the variety of psychological issues they may encounter – managing stress, changing habits and mindset, making tough decisions, developing leadership skills, emotional control, understanding values and motivational roots, and balancing life and work – is critical to their professional success.

“I really appreciated how Aleš was able to quickly identify and breakdown barriers I place in front of myself. Our conversation was very authentic and practical.” - Colten Miller

Actions are measures of your value

Aleš ran the students through a hands-on workshop that helped them identify how their environment, thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes can affect behavioral change. Students were each given a framework to address a behavior they’d like to change in their life and Aleš walked them through each step.  

"Aleš’ insight, perspective, and assistance helped me recognize and acknowledge the mental pitfalls I face and how to easily overcome these obstacles to obtain efficient rewards." - Chrysanthia Cheung-Lau

We’re grateful Aleš was so generous with his time and expertise and hope our students are now better-equipped to make changes to their habits, behaviors and beliefs. Click here to learn more about Aleš.

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