Published: Nov. 19, 2019

Local startups are invited to apply to participate in the Mountain Regional Finals of the Venture Capital Investment Competition. 

This is not a pitch contest! It’s a world-wide due diligence immersion.

venture capital investment competition 2020The Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) is hosting a global search for the Most VC-Backable Startup through a network of 20 due diligence screening events (regional competitions) taking place across seven countries.

On February 7, 2020, CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business will host the Mountain Regional Finals. Only three startups will be selected to participate in this full-day due diligence immersion, from startup pitch to term sheets.

Startups are asked to apply by December 15 to participate in the Mountain Regional Finals event.

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About the Venture Capital Investment Competition 

Leeds has participated in this competition since its founding and is the most awarded university, winning the championship in 2012. Each year a team of MBA students hosts a regional competition and later compete themselves - acting as venture capitalists evaluating real startups, interacting with entrepreneurs and preparing term sheets. Students are recruited annually in the fall.

The Venture Capital Investment Competition began in the middle of the technology bubble in 1998 as an educational event for MBAs to learn about venture funding. Two decades later, through good times and bad in the venture industry, VCIC has evolved into a marketplace for entrepreneurs seeking investors and a training ground for future venture capitalists. Each year,  VCIC includes 50+ events on four continents, serving over 1,500 students, 150 venture capitalists and 100 entrepreneurs. The program is akin to a network of mini-venture fairs, wherein about a quarter of the entrepreneurs who present go on to raise venture funding.

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