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school of sparkles joshua tree retreatSara graduated from CU Boulder in 2011 with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication concentrating on Entrepreneurship and International Media. She was part of the first cross-campus entrepreneurship program that is now known as the business minor.

“I spent the last 10 years asking myself when it would be time to start a business.”

Sara gravitated to digital marketing and has a rich background working for startups in the health and wellness sphere.

Wise words

Sara knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur when she graduated, but took some advice from former Leeds professor, Frank Moyes. “He told us that if we went and got experience working for different businesses that we’d be much less likely to fail as an entrepreneur. And I’m so glad I did that because I was able to learn so many things about running businesses worked that I didn’t even necessarily realize I was learning at the time.”

Finding an idea

Last summer Sara decided to start a podcast that primarily centered her passions of metaphysics and spirituality. She called the podcast School of Sparkles. Sara talked to practitioners in the field, such as yoga teachers, astrologers, psychics, and more, to find out how they “found their sparkle.”

“I wanted to build a community and events that blend all of these healing modalities together.”

Sara saw all of these healers working by themselves and promoting themselves alone. Why not work together?

Building a business

school of sparkles sara frumanSara reached out to her network about jumping onboard and within six months had a website launched and her first event scheduled. School of Sparkles just hosted their first weekend retreat, welcoming 20 people to Joshua Tree desert to receive guidance from psychic readings, astrology readings and grounded, transformational yoga & meditation practices.

She’s now working on integrating new talent and finding ways to bring online courses, healings and events to more people, including businesses, celebrity markets – and individuals passionate about breaking free & changing their lives.

Advice to current students

  1. Try as many things as you can and intern/work hard. “That’s what I did and that’s how you actually discover what you enjoy.”

  2. Maintain positive relationships with all people (even when they don’t deserve it - it may pay off later). 

  3. Don’t be afraid to follow your weird passions!

She’s hiring!

Sara is hiring an online marketing and research intern. Read the position description and email if you’re interested!

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