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Michael Marcoux CU Startup ClubThe CU Startup Club is relatively new, formed just last year by two CU Boulder students: one majoring in engineering and the other in business administration. The students felt there wasn’t enough overlap between the business school and the engineering school and agreed both majors would benefit from having a shared space to collaborate, network, and learn together.

Michael Marcoux was one of the first members to get involved with the club - he joined his freshman year after seeing a flyer on the window of the Koelbel building. He is currently a sophomore studying Information Analytics and Entrepreneurship here at the Leeds School of Business.

“The name triggered my interest. I have always been interested in starting my own business.” 

After attending the first meeting, Michael was hooked. He appreciated the small size of the club which allowed him the opportunity to meet speakers and tour local startup spaces like Boomtown Accelerator.

Leadership experience

After a year of membership in the CU Startup Club, Michael decided he wanted to get more involved. The club was holding interviews for executive positions, and Michael interviewed to become the Head of Finance Operations. Shortly after, he moved up the ranks and is now the Vice President. This position includes many responsibilities that have helped Michael to hone his leadership skills. It also grants him more autonomy when deciding what types of speakers and organizations to reach out to, and how to get the CU Startup Club name out around campus and throughout the community.

Michael describes CU Startup Club as a mini startup. The executive team and members - although having very little experience - are learning as they go and always looking for places that they can improve.

“We are creating something from scratch. It’s the little wins that count. We are so small - if I have an idea, it's likely that it will get done. Everything is essentially a trial run.”

The startup community

“Leeds and Boulder are great for students interested in entrepreneurship and startups. The Boulder environment is really hospitable to new ideas. In comparison to other startup hubs, there are more opportunities here to learn - Boulder is more open to untested ideas.

The Deming center specifically is really perceptive to the ideas of a young club. Erick Mueller and Sam Schanfarber helped us put on a talent search event last semester. Their willingness to support a small club has been incredible.”

Do you see yourself continuing to work with startups?

Michael Marcoux CU Startup Club“Absolutely! I think you get a lot of mixed advice about entrepreneurship. There’s no innovation without risk, but some would say having corporate experience first is essential. The other advice I’ve heard is to do it while you’re young. There’s less risk, so you should try to chase it down while you can. I am only going to be a student once - now is the time to ask for advice and learn…”

We are so excited to see students like Michael and the members of CU Startup Club actively participating in the vibrant startup community here on campus and in Boulder.

Want to get involved?

Check out CU Startup Club on Facebook and @custartupclub on Instagram. You can also reach out by emailing

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