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pocketchangeReyn Aubrey is the CEO and Co-Founder of PocketChange, a fundraising platform that allows individuals to take action wherever and whenever they are inspired. PocketChange is especially unique because the donation limit is between 25 cents and 2 dollars. This range makes it a ‘one of a kind’ all inclusive platform, allowing anybody - including those with limited means - to support a cause. Even broke college students can “PocketChange It”!

The idea for PocketChange came to Reyn freshman year when he was in the shower - what a classic entrepreneurial think space!

“I saw all these shared posts on Facebook of people talking about issues in the world, and not doing anything about it, so I thought, ‘How can we remove barriers for people who want to help, so anyone can do so easily and instantly?

Favorite part of entrepreneurship

“How much opportunity and possibility there is with very little, and what you are able to do with very little. It’s cool to see your grand idea actually be born … cool to create something out of nothing and watch it go into the world.”

Reyn also enjoys watching his team members work together, face challenges, and overcome adversity. PocketChange, with a team of 40+ members, relies heavily on diversity of thought and an atmosphere that promotes teamwork. PocketChange hand selects each charity they support which requires significant amounts of research. This research is specifically focused on five key components: approach diversity, sustainable impact, financial efficiency, total transparency, and scaling focus. Without an organized and productive team, it would be impossible to accomplish what PocketChange has in such a short time.

“There are lots of different aspects and a million different moving pieces. It requires a passionate, diligent, and hardworking team.”

Character Traits of an Entrepreneur

Reyn describes the mental game as being the greatest challenge in entrepreneurship. While execution comes to him more naturally, it can be hard to get over the mental barriers built by himself and others. There are two main characteristic that Reyn attributes his entrepreneurial success to. The first is an ability to think positively when things are going negatively and vice-versa - the ability to see what could go wrong when things are going positively.

“Nothing is ever easy, but the ‘mental game’ is definitely the biggest challenge.”

The second is the ability to create and hold an inspiring vision, and continue to pursue that vision despite challenging obstacles. “When things are going downhill, I am the GOAT [Greatest of All Time], but when things are going well I have to consider what could go wrong.”

pocketchangeFurther Aspirations

“PocketChange really aligns with who I want to be as an entrepreneur. Rather than thinking, ‘what is PocketChange doing in the next two to three years?’, I am thinking what is ‘PocketChange doing in the next 20 to 30? 30 to 40?’… My aspirations for PocketChange are very grand - probably verging on ridiculous, but I know I can do what I want to do all within the umbrella of PocketChange.”

We look forward to watching PocketChange grow in the near future. We hope you will join us to “PocketChange It” and make the world a better place 25 cents at a time!

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