Published: Aug. 22, 2018

SpaceMeet Brandon Seifert, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Atomos Nuclear and Space. Atomos provides in-space power technologies and transportation services for commercial, civil, and military space operations. Brandon has a degree in astrophysics from CU Boulder and the business acumen to scale and drive growth. He’s an astropreneur.

Brandon loved studying science, but didn’t see a career path for himself. “I realized I wasn’t going to be the best scientist, but I still wanted to help the cause.” His experience in the space industry allows him to communicate well with his science-minded colleagues, while he excels running operations on the business side of the wall.

The best part of running a startup? “Building the team and rallying everyone around a single vision to do something truly world-changing. Seeing people get excited about what has been such a driving passion of mine is a remarkable feeling. I feel like I’m spending my time doing something genuinely important.”

Brandon’s advice to our students: go to all of the networking events, meet as many people as you can, and try to gain as diverse of experience as you can. “It doesn’t matter what field you work in — writing, communicating, and relationship-building are going to be the most important things you do in your job and it’s never too early to start creating your network and developing an understanding for how your work is connected to other people’s work.”

When Brandon is not helping build a scalable in-space transportation infrastructure, he feeds his creative and artistic side. He has a green thumb and thriving plants to prove it, and an affinity for playing the cello.

Click here to learn more about Atomos Nuclear & Space.


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