Mason Moran

Student Spotlight: Mason Moran - Modulla Shoe Company

March 24, 2021

Meet Mason C. Moran , a senior at CU Boulder studying Creative Technology and Design. Mason is the founder of Modulla Shoe Company, a company designing a new kind of athletic shoe that is versatile with interchangeable soles. Mason grew up in a small town in North Dakota and has...

Cal Brackin

Alumni Spotlight: Calin Brackin - On Board Innovations

March 17, 2021

Meet Cal Brackin , a graduate at CU Boulder and CEO of On Board Innovations, a civic-minded company using visual strategies to bridge communication gaps between the citizens, professionals, and policymakers. Cal is studying Strategic Communication Design to further develop his design skills and weave them into his passion for...

Maddie Light

Staff Spotlight: Maddie Light - Moxie Jewelry

March 10, 2021

We want to wish a warm welcome to our new program coordinator, Maddie Light ! Maddie is from Burlington, Vermont. She received her bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Geography at CU Boulder in May 2019. Currently, she is in the process of making jewelry out of wood and recycled beads...

Andrew & Ben

Student Spotlight: Andrew Ferraro and Ben Cunningham - Bridging the Gap

March 3, 2021

Meet Andrew Ferraro and Ben Cunningham, founders of CU Boulder’s VC Club and startup initiative, Startup Mill. Both are studying Finance at the Leeds School of Business. Ben and Andrew created their initiative while remote during COVID-19. The VC Club is a student-led organization designed to bridge the gap between...

Tomas Schugurensky

Student Spotlight: Tomas Schugurensky - Built Different Studios

Feb. 23, 2021

Meet Tomas Schugurensky, a senior at CU Boulder and CEO of Built Different Studios , a boutique lighting business. Tomas is studying Environmental Design with a focus in architecture, as well as pursuing his Architectural Lighting Design Certificate offered through the Architectural Engineering program. Tomas created Built Different Studios because...

Juan Esteban Duque

Alumni Spotlight: Juan Esteban Duque - Platform for Local Services in Colombia

Feb. 17, 2021

Meet Juan Esteban Duque , a CU Boulder Alumnus and founder of Tupró , a platform that provides a business portal to services and professionals in Colombia. Juan grew up in Colombia and lived in China before coming to the University of Colorado at Boulder to pursue a degree in...

Marlo Vernon

Alumni Spotlight: Marlo Vernon - Independent Living with a Peace of Mind

Feb. 9, 2021

Meet Marlo Vernon , CU Leeds School of Business alumna and CEO of CarePenguin , a company bringing non-invasive activity-monitoring technology to market. Marlo studied Marketing and got her Entrepreneurship Certificate through the Deming Center at CU Boulder! CarePenguin Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, Marlo’s family was always building...

Tim Visos-Ely

Alumni Spotlight: Tim Visos-Ely - StrideTech

Feb. 3, 2021

Meet Tim Visos-Ely, a 2019 CU Boulder alum and co-founder of StrideTech , a company that produces an embedded walker attachment that provides real-time haptic feedback when incorrect walker use is detected. Tim developed StrideTech by taking advantage of the many entrepreneurial resources at CU Boulder! Tim utilized Design for...

Alex Mulvaney

Alumni Spotlight: Alex Mulvaney - ShineOn

Jan. 27, 2021

Meet Alex Mulvaney, CEO and co-founder of ShineOn , a company providing a unique spin on the typical bike light. Alex graduated from CU Boulder in 2019 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. Alex and his co-founders, Katherine Vega and Taylor Brooks-Murphy, have a combined history of 10 years of...

Brad Werner

Community Spotlight: Global Entrepreneurs Session with Brad Werner

Jan. 20, 2021

Meet Brad Werner, Faculty Director and Instructor of Entrepreneurship at CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. He is also co-host of the Creative Distillation Podcast (season 2 out now!) Each episode focuses on a recent entrepreneurial study and highlights how the academic research is valuable to not only students, but...