research insights

The Rise of Entrepreneurship Research

May 1, 2019

Academic research on entrepreneurship has emerged as a major focus area within business schools over the last 20 years. The Leeds School of Business has long sought to populate the field with highly-trained, effective researchers that have filled positions across the United States and the world. Leeds was one of...

jessica kirk Kun Zhang

What drives entrepreneurial success?

Oct. 9, 2018

Boulder is a hot spot for nonstop chatter around who founds startups and how they leverage existing networks and knowledge for success. Two Leeds PhD students have focused part of their dissertation on digging deeper into the opportunities and constraints for startup founders. In our new series, Research Insights, enjoy...


ScratchWorks FinTech Accelerator

March 21, 2018

Welcome to ScratchWorks : a new FinTech Accelerator that launched last week at the Barron's Summit in Orlando. The goal of this accelerator program is to place a spotlight on innovative tech companies that are transforming the financial services industry. Scratchworks provides a stage for these companies to present to...