Published: April 17, 2020
COVenture Forward Group In Office

The difficulties created during the COVID-19 outbreak have hit nearly every industry in Colorado. Businesses and their leaders are facing unforeseen challenges and struggling to survive, pivot and even adapt to find new opportunities. The impact on the economy won't be fully understood for months, if not years. However, the need to support our start-ups and small businesses is at an all time high.

To meet this challenge the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with CU's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative as well as Venture Partners, launched COventure Forward. COventure Forward is an online resource platform designed to support entrepreneurs and small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. The platform offers mentoring, faculty insights and is eventually launching a student micro-internship program.

According to the Deming Center’s Executive Director Erick Mueller, “We saw our entrepreneurial community get hit hard by this crisis and we wanted to do our part to help. Our faculty, mentor and student communities raised their hands to offer advice, guidance and support through these tough times.”

You can learn more about COventure Forward at