Dan Bruder
Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

Dan Bruder helps executive leaders build successful organizations as CEO of Fusion Dynamics Group, an advisory firm focused on strategic planning, leadership development, company culture and organizational communication. His company's Cause is to create a world where leaders of workplace organizations and companies embrace the opportunity to be the spark that builds people, companies, families and communities (Leadership Multiplier). He has a broad range of experience with a background in Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing Operations, Brand Development, Customer Service, and Corporate Finance. He started his career in banking becoming President in his 20s and later transitioning into senior leadership roles with a global hospitality company before aligning with entrepreneurial ventures and developing an international consulting practice.

Dan has created the Strategy Whiteboard™ System, Blendification™ System, Purpose System, Hi Po System and CEO Roots Group™ System leveraging technology and dynamic workshops enabling companies to develop an aligned focus with built-in leadership development, implementation, communication, and accountability. These Systems also serve as the platform for teaching Capstone Strategic Planning in the Executive MBA and Early Career MBA programs at Colorado State University. Additionally, Dan is a faculty member at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the graduate and undergraduate Leeds School of Business teaching entrepreneurship.

He has an MBA from the University of Central Florida with a concentration in Economics along with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance 'from the same university. Dan was also a member of the UCF football team as an undergraduate and resides in Colorado with his family.