The Leeds Career Development team works with our students to ensure that they are on the best professional path for themselves after graduation.
There were 1,199 students who graduated in Summer of 2022, Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023.

By the end of August 2023, we had the following information:
• 752 of them told us they had accepted a job or had a professional job offer (63% of all graduates)
• 105 of them were enrolled in graduate school (9% of all graduates)
• 19 of them were starting a business (2% of all graduates)
• 61 of them were postponing their professional job search (5% of all graduates): many of these students are traveling abroad or spending time in nature in our beautiful state. Some work at ski instructors or professional athletes.

As of this writing (Fall 2023), we continue to learn about their plans and to be a resource for the job seekers.

Great Companies Hire Leeds Graduates