Supply Chain Club's mission is to expose students to the possibilities in supply chain and operations management. We aim to educate and engage students about the broad area of supply chain, which encompasses roles from logistics to sustainability, and numerous others. The club will provide opportunities for supply chain management students to engage with their class and the community. Our goal is to introduce students to the world of supply chain, and help them thrive in it upon graduation!

Highlighted Events

Students posing with the presenters from the Association of Supply Chain Management

We will host guest speakers, lunch and learns, and several local treks. Our events will provide an opportunity to learn from as well as network with local professionals with tremendous experience in a variety of industries, including collaboration with the Association of Supply Management.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet some very influential people within Colorado!


Photo of Co-President Monica Roldan

Co-President - Monica Roldan

Photo of Co-President Elias Kattes

Co-President- Elias Kattes