Positive societal impact through internal and external initiatives and/or activities, consistent with the school’s mission, strategies, and expected outcomes

Real Estate Council

The real estate center has a large and active, externally-focused Real Estate Council, which serves as a regional business and networking association for the real estate industry. The real estate center oversees this self-funded Council, which ties industry participants directly into the academic learning and career-development activities of the business school.

The objectives of the Real Estate Center are: (1) Academic Excellence, observed through significant financial support of, and engagement with, the school’s real estate academic programs; (2) Thought Leadership, carried out through a Research Committee comprised of industry executives and Leeds academics – Tim McQuade is the Director of Research; (3) Life-long Professional Learning, which includes multiple industry programs, sessions, symposiums and workshops, all intended to maintain strong engagement with our industry supporter/partners and provide them and our graduates with the most current contemporary insights into the industry, often including the opportunity for Continuing Education unit credits for the professional community.

Here are some program headline items:

Community Awareness and Inclusion

  • The Real Estate Center has launched a series of symposiums for the community addressing the roles real estate plays in impacting social equity, diversity, inclusion and systemic racism.  Attendees were/are largely members of the Colorado community and real estate industry.  These programs are organized by a committee consisting of Center staff, Leeds graduate students and industry volunteers.
  • The launch symposium (Spring 2020) addressed how to create socially sustainable communities, engaging a well-respected panel of community organizers and developers.
  • The second program (Fall 2020), held online, looked at real estate historically in the center of discriminatory practices and segregating communities, from red-lining to restrictive covenants.
  • The third program (Spring 2021) will address what is being done from a policy and private-sector standpoint to address constraints and restraints to greater equity in the real estate community, focusing on real-time programs and initiatives in Denver metro.
  • The fourth program (Spring 2021) will look into the future of the benefits socially, culturally and economically of diverse, inclusive communities.

Public/Private Partnerships

The Real Estate Center, working with a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders, brought together staff from the City of Boulder, businesses from the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, local community leaders and facility-management leadership from the University of Colorado, to showcase how to envision, plan, and develop a win-win public-private partnership in Boulder’s Hill area, showcasing aligned interests of creating jobs, revitalizing properties, restoring sales- and property-tax rolls and re-activating pedestrian and community zones. 

Scholarship Programs - Diversity

The Real Estate Center has worked with its real estate alumni committee to fund and launch a scholarship targeting diverse students studying real estate.  The initial goal of $10,000 was quickly raised and the first scholarships will be awarded for the Fall 2021 semester.

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