We offer real estate professionals opportunities to mentor undergraduate and MBA real estate students and to provide them with a valuable experience to learn from successful professionals in the field. Your experience and insight makes you a natural fit for one-on-one career counseling and job shadowing programs.

Contact Katie Latier (MBA/MSRE) or Jennifer Smoot (Undergraduate) for more information.

To learn more about mentoring at Leeds, visit the Leeds Mentoring Website


Who will take the reins in your organization? The continued and future success of your firm depends on your ability to recruit the right talent. Provide internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities, and permanent placement opportunities to Leeds real estate students.

Contact Katie Latier (MBA/MSRE) or Jennifer Smoot (Undergraduate) to learn more about recruiting talented interns and future industry leaders.

Speak Up

Guest lecture. Join a distinguished panel of experts. Present a topic to our real estate clubs. Regardless of the forum, we've found that putting industry leaders and alumni in the classroom with our students makes an impact—on everyone involved. These opportunities not only promote the sharing of industry knowledge, but allow professionals to connect with future real estate leaders.

Contact Tom Thibodeau or Curtis Sears for more information.

Engage and Sponsor

We know you're busy. Interactions at the student-level don't have to be time-consuming or burdensome. Provide valuation or development cases for our students. Organize a field trip or “hard hat tours” for undergraduate or graduate classes, or young alumni. Sponsor a membership for a student in NAIOP or ULI. Students need ARGUS and Co-Star training—lend your support by sponsoring a student for those programs. Host a dinner to discuss industry trends, or host a welcome reception for incoming students. Every point of contact informs and improves our students’ real estate experience.

Contact Lisa Peck to discuss these and other opportunities to connect with our students.

Inform & Develop

Join the Council and serve on a committee. Members have the opportunity to set the tone and direction of the Center's programs and professional events. Membership funds directly fund the operations of the Center.

Contact Lisa Peck for more information on the Council and committee membership.

Spread the Word

We can't possibly reach or know every player in the industry—although we certainly try. We could use your help spreading the word about the great work we're doing at the Center and the talented students we're educating. Know someone interested in speaking at one of our conferences? Send them our way. Are you an expert in strategic planning and fundraising? Let's talk. Lend your time as a committee chair, give scholarship monies, and help with our fundraising efforts.

Contact Lisa Peck to learn more about the ways in which you can support the Center.