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It is about adopting a mindset of resourcefulness, preservation, and equity when it comes to the ways in which business impacts people and the environment, 

- Says Maddy Hemstreet 

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Expanding CESR’s Reach Among Leeds Students 

In recent months, we have expanded our team to include student ambassadors. These Leeds students are active participants in CESR programs who help us to spread the word about our programs, ESG and sustainability career resources, and events. CESR empowers current and future business leaders to drive solutions to environmental, social, and ethical challenges. One way that we do this is by connecting the Leeds School of Business with the vibrant sustainable business community in Boulder and beyond. Our CESR ambassadors see business as a transformative force that can be harnessed to create positive social and environmental impact and support the thriving of future generations. 

We sat down with Maddy Hemstreet (Mgmt., '26), Meredith Dice (Mgmt., and Bus. Analyt., '23) and Anna Anghel (Mgmt., and Ops., '23) to talk about the value they gain from engaging with ESG and sustainability programming from CESR, and their role as ambassadors.

The Value Proposition of Engaging With CESR

What is the value proposition of participating in CESR’s sustainable business programs? 

Maddy Hemstreet - CESR is about equipping students with the knowledge and skill set they need to implement diverse perspectives, make a positive impact, and become leaders of change in any industry. Participating in CESR not only helps students pursue their passions to create a better future for themselves and their environment, but opens up endless opportunities to connect with like- minded individuals who share these same values and aspirations.

Anna Anghel - The value proposition to me is gaining insight on the natural and organics field and how businesses work towards sustainable goals. This has encouraged me to pursue a certificate in corporate responsibility and take classes that increase my project management and entrepreneurial skills.

CESR’s tagline, Dare to Do Business Differently 

Why are you passionate about daring to do business differently, and by doing so, being a force for good?

Maddy Hemstreet - To me, daring to do business differently means being unafraid to tackle large social and environmental issues, create and innovate in unprecedented ways, and challenge others to consider alternatives that change communities for the better. It is about adopting a mindset of resourcefulness, preservation, and equity when it comes to the ways in which business impacts people and the environment.

Anna Anghel - I'm passionate about daring to do business differently because by taking initiatives to educate ourselves and being more aware of the environmental and global impacts, we can better understand our purpose.

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I don’t think caring about the environment and inclusion is daring, and I think this change of mindset is what keeps me passionate. The idea that ethics and social responsibility is daring is what needs to change, and until that’s done there’s plenty of work to do, 

- Says Meredith Duce 

Encouraging Change, Spreading Purpose 

What does being an ambassador of CESR mean to you?

Maddy Hemstreet - Being an ambassador is about representing CESR's virtues, being a touchpoint in my community, and spreading a message that inspires Leeds students to push the limits of traditional business and consider ways in which they can partake in creating a positive impact.

Anna Anghel - As a CESR ambassador, I want to encourage change, which can start anywhere. CESR is a great way to start and build fundamental knowledge for a career outside of Leeds.

Meredith Duce - I think to think of it like a blimp or a very active billboard. I just want the messages and goals of CESR to be articulated in a way that is digestible and accessible for people. Sometimes that means posting or having conversations, but ultimately my role is to throw the message of CESR further and towards people who don’t usually look up at the blimp of social responsibility of environmental change or responsible leaders, and so on.

Join the Community 

CESR is always seeking out students passionate about businesses being a force for good. There is so much universal good to be done. And there are continuous opportunities to become inspired and ignite real change. 

  • If you are interested in becoming a CESR Ambassador, please feel empowered to reach out to Taylor Dewitt, CESR Program Coordinator, at