The Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility (CESR) serves as a bridge to build stronger connections between the Leeds School of Business and the vibrant impact business community in Colorado and around the world. Below are organizations that we continue to partner and collaborate with to support our mission.


Naturally Boulder

Naturally Boulder has been a catalyst for Colorado's dynamic natural products community and companies for more than a decade.

B Local Colorado

B Corp Certification is the next chapter for socially responsible businesses. B Local Colorado is a team of business leaders engaging Certified B Corporations.

The Alliance Center

The Alliance Center, in partnership with B Lab, is the nonprofit behind the B Corp movement and the creator of the Best for Colorado program.


B:CIVIC is a force of business leaders who are as passionate about giving back as we are about running smart, successful companies.

United Nations

The United Nations, is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining international peace and security. CESR has partnered with multiple affiflates, including UNITARUNGC and PRME.

First Peoples Worldwide

First Peoples Worldwide addresses the unique social and environmental impacts of development in indigenous communities.