Published: May 9, 2014

As Leeds begins the roll out of the new business core curriculum for business undergraduates this fall, CESR is playing a pivotal role in teaching the first class for incoming students.  The new course, World of Business, was developed by a group of CESR faculty and replaces the Introduction to Business class that has been offered for the last several years.

Catherine Milburn will be working on the development of the CESR portion of the core curriculum for the third semester while Kevin McMahon is a member of the fourth semester committee which is developing an integrated experience that will build on the knowledge gained in the prior semesters.

Another change for fall includes the expansion and relocation of the Leeds Residential Academic Program (RAP), a targeted residential community comprised exclusively of undergraduate students who are business majors at Leeds. The Leeds RAP provides in-house, rigorous business courses in a small classroom setting, in addition to community building and professional development opportunities. Located for the last few years in the Williams Village dorms off campus, it moves to Cheyenne Arapaho Hall beginning in fall 2014 and already has full enrollment with 200 students and a waiting list.  The new World of Business course will be taught by CESR instructors to the RAP students in the Cheyenne Arapaho Hall.

On April 18th, the CU Study Abroad Program approved a version of the Business Solutions for the Developing World course (CESR4005) to be offered as a three week course in Panama.  The first class would be scheduled for May 2015 and will expand CESR’s curricular offerings to include its first study abroad experience.