Published: May 9, 2014
CESR Faculty Blog

CESR is proud to announce that two of its faculty members have been awarded the Marinus Smith Award: Owen Borum and Liz Stapp were recognized in a ceremony on April 5th.

“I am humbled to have been selected to receive the Marinus Smith Award.  To be recognized for having a positive impact on a student's life is a great honor.  I appreciate the opportunity to be inspired every day by our students here at Leeds, and to help them to reach their potential,” said Borum.

The student who nominated Borum, Oksana Schuppan, stated: "Even in a class of over 300 students, Professor Borum cared for each of us as individuals and put in the time to teach, mentor, assist and inspire us."

Each year, the CU Parents Association uses the award to recognize faculty and staff members who have had a particularly positive impact on Leeds undergraduates. The beauty of the Marinus Smith Award is that honorees are nominated by those they teach, mentor, support and serve…students.