Published: March 14, 2014

An Online Presentation with Claudia Imhoff entitled "What Can Big Data Do For You?" is taking place March 20th, sponsored by the Leeds School of Business.

CESR Faculty Affiliate Kai Larsen says, “Big Data is the hottest topic in industry right now, and with it comes the social responsibility of respecting consumer privacy." This is one of the key considerations Kai raises in CESR/MGMT 4825: Privacy in the Age of Facebook, "This presentation will provide an overview of big data with which privacy may be understood.”

Big data has caught the (short) attention span of top-level company executives. But do they really understand what big data can do for them? Claudia Imhoff brings her practical approach to data warehousing and analytics into the big data world. She has helped countless organizations navigate the maze of exploding data volumes and how to make sense of it all. She will take you through the types of big data and why you need to incorporate it into your analytics program. She will share current examples of companies that are utilizing big data to survive and thrive in our hypercompetitive world. And finally, Claudia will tell you what you need to do to take your big data analytics to the next level.

Register for the online presentation here.