Published: Aug. 9, 2013

It comes as no surprise to those who know Dee Perry, a CESR Board Member, that she has been honored by the Community Foundation of Boulder County with the Stan Black Award. The award honors individuals who, like Stan Black, have given a lifetime of "time, treasure and talent" to the community.

Passionate about education and health care, Dee has given generously of her time and expertise to support local organizations committed to these critically important issues. 

Through her involvement with the Milagros Scholarship Fund, the I Have a Dream Foundation, and the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee for the Boulder Valley School District, Dee Perry has worked to make Boulder County a better place for students to live, learn and pursue their dreams. At CESR, she is a professional mentor and executive coach as well as a CESR External Advisory Board Member. Dee engages directly with students in the program and draws on her own business expertise to help them learn more about applying positive business values.

“As the Executive Coach for Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage, Dee has helped teach, mentor and motivate some of the best and brightest Leeds students.  Leadership Challenges students often comment on Dee's energy and enthusiasm in the classroom and her commitment to help them succeed,” says Kevin McMahon, CESR Instructor.

In addition to her work in education, Dee Perry has served as a board member with the Boulder Community Hospital Foundation and TRU Community Care, and is currently on the Boulder Community Hospital’s Board of Directors.