Published: Oct. 27, 2011

Q & A with Leeds’ Donor Tom Guggenheim

Q. As a business leader what are the key elements you think that students needs today in business education?

A.  Case studies of “business failures”.  Most case studies that I am familiar with are about successful enterprises. What is lacking are similar classes on why businesses do not succeed. Solyndra  would be a good current example.

Q. Why are ethics and values important in business decision making? Why do you believe in CESR and its mission? 

A. With “greed is good” thinking and insider trading convictions as prevalent  as they are, ethics and social  responsibility  are more important today, in the business world…than ever before.

Q. When you think about your giving philosophy, how does CESR fit in with your philanthropic goals?

A. Pay back is at the center of my CU gifting thoughts. In the four years at Boulder, one comes in as a boy and leaves as a man.  Hopefully  a well “balanced”  man capable of contributing to society and the business world never forgetting the people and the institution(s) that helped to make it all possible.