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With recruiting going virtual, it can be easy to forget the importance of networking with new employers and preparing for your life post college. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to reprioritize your career journey and make the most of this unprecedented year.


  • Invest in yourself

Going virtual means more access to more resources. Find a skillset you want to build and take the steps to grow your knowledge in that space. It could be learning a new language, familiarizing yourself with a new software, passing a certification, and the list continues. Consider using LinkedIn Learning which provides CU students, faculty, and staff with a free membership, or check out myTrailhead through Salesforce.

  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of employer engagements

Employers are still hiring and looking for top talent! Check out Handshake for more information on career events and fairs. Explore what ones look interesting to you, and be sure to attend. Many companies track who attends their engagements, and you neve know what connections you might make in the process.

  •  Get your LinkedIn profile to All-Star status

Since most recruiter connections will be made virtually, it’s easier than ever to share your digital identity with them. Many platforms allow you to link your social accounts to your profile, making it easy to drive traffic to your LinkedIn page. By taking the time to ensure your profile highlights your interests and accomplishments, it can be one key way to stand out among other candidates.

  • Practice your presence 

Common feedback from employers engaging with students remotely is that they lack enthusiasm and perceived interest. When participating in recruiting events, be sure to remain engaged and ask questions when applicable. It’s no fun for a presenter to give a pitch to a bunch of blank, muted screens; stand out by showing up as an active participant. Struggling with focus? Try meditation for building up your ability to remain present during virtual sessions.

  • Utilize your network

As a Leeds student, the Office of Career Strategy serves to support you along your journey. Looking to connect with a specific company or for tips on how to stand out? Schedule a meeting with your career coach or drop by the employer relations virtual office hours (email for the link). Take advantage of the resources around you to ensure you’re on track for success and making the most of this unique recruiting season.

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