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Are you lacking motivation during this crazy pandemic?  Don’t worry you are not alone!  Many students are feeling lost, overwhelmed and trying to figure out what they could do this summer to build their skills and keep learning. Look no further, I have some awesome tips and tricks that you could do to learn, grow and evolve as a student this summer without having a full time internship.

1. LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learning

As Leeds Business student you have free access to LinkedIn Learning which offers over 100 free online courses to advance your skills in Excel, learn programming or adobe creative suite, take courses on strategic & critical thinking, time management fundamentals and how to communicate effectively.  These online courses are great ways to add technical and power skills to your resume which employers love to see!  

2. Informational Interviews


Informational interviews are another great way to stay motivated this summer. Start connecting with family and friends who are in positions that you are interested in learning more about.  Have conversations, learn what they do on a daily basis, and try to figure out if that is career you want to study at Leeds School of Business.  The link below gives you a list of questions you could ask during your informational interview.

3. Virtual Workshops

virtual events

Virtual workshops are a great way to interact with professionals and learn how to develop your skills as a college student.  At Leeds we offered several virtual events such as how to navigate virtual interviews, resume reviews, city chats with alumni in various city and states.  Virtual events are going to be big this summer and fall.  You could find all Leeds Virtual events on Handshake, or explore LinkedIn. They will have plenty of virtual workshops for students this summer to gain knowledge and information on various topics from interviewing, networking and managing your time.


As mentioned above, you are not alone!  In order to stay motivated you need to connect, and put yourself out there. This is a great time to be creative, think outside the box and have conversations with business professionals!


Go Buffs!

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