A trek is a field study where we take students to travel to a specific location that is a center for the financial industry and visit a number of firms to understand how operating in various branches of the financial sector works in practice to explore career paths.

Building on the successful model of the Wall Street Trek, additional Finance Treks are being hosted across the country as part of an effort to engage students with their alumni community, expose them to various aspects of the finance industry, and help them assess possible career paths within finance. These Treks also provide opportunities for students to pursue networking, internships, or full-time opportunities. We do treks to Wall Street, Chicago, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and a Fall and Spring Denver Trek.

Click on any of the locations in the menu above to learn more about past visits in those cities. As dates and information about future treks develop the webpages will be updated.

Wall Street Trek

Denver Trek

Chicago Trek

San Francisco Trek

Salt Lake City Trek

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