brandon schaefer


Entrepreneurial Solutions (AKA the best internship)

Post-grad position

Business Development and Operations Specialist at Kitty Hawk

Most valuable part of the fellowship

The plethora of incredibly valuable workshops led by inspiring leaders of the Denver/Boulder start-up scene where I got to collaborate and learn with my sharp and motivated peers of the 2019 and 2020 cohorts.

Advice to current students

Show up to as many events as you can, make HGV a real priority. I had a lot going on and really regret the events that I missed. You only HGV once! (YOHO)

Impact you want to make in the world

I'd like to play a role in developing the operational strategy for a company that changes the world in a positive way. I'm at a company right now whose stated mission is "to free the world from traffic," I think that qualifies!!

Fun fact

In previous lives, I've been a poker professional and an Army Blackhawk Pilot. I've also been to 52 countries and all 7 continents. I'm old.