billy shea

Naperville, Illinois

Data Analyst, JumpCloud

Post-grad gig
Analytics Manager, JumpCloud

What appeals to me about high-growth ventures
I really enjoy the fast pace and highly evolving content of work within high-growth ventures. Scale and innovation is absolutely necessary and I believe that makes each day challenging and exciting.

Career Objective
In the near term, I would like to drive the strategy and development of a Data Analytics program within the tech or energy industry that helps inform high-level decision making, providing a unique advantage to the business.  In the long-term, I would like to build a venture focused on social impact within the community, which would solve a much needed gap in the marketplace. 

How the fellowship has best supported my MBA
The fellowship program has provided me with a high level of exposure into the startup community within Boulder and has allowed me to hone in my ability to add value to high-growth ventures. Through various team-based projects and discussions with high-impact professionals, the program has allowed me to experience high-growth venture leadership through the lens of real entrepreneurs.

Fun Fact
I have owned and operated an organic tea eCommerce brand since 2015. Owning and operating a small business has taught me a lot about all of the moving pieces within a fast-moving business environment.