Published: Nov. 4, 2022

From Business at Leeds 2022 | Full issue

Yonca Ertimur, with the Rustandy Building in the background.No matter what industry we’re in, we’ve all been reminded that change is not only constant, but also unpredictable. It often takes multiple forms, simultaneously, hitting us at various points in our supply chains, operations and balance sheets. 

But the Leeds community is full of people who embrace change: the entrepreneur putting in the work to pursue an emerging opportunity, the passionate community organizer who finds the courage to tackle a global concern, the experienced professional emboldened to try something new. In this issue of Business at Leeds, you’ll find examples of leaders who are central to this kind of transformation, and are driving conversations and action that leverage what’s new and what’s next. 

Amid the disruption, it’s comforting to know that some things don’t change. Since 1908, Leeds has prepared students to be ready for whatever’s thrown their way. And now, as we launch a search for a new dean and prepare for the next chapter in history, I’m encouraged by the resilience and leadership Leeds continues to demonstrate. 

It’s also encouraging that we look to the future from a position of strength after several years of incredible growth and progress—much of which was made possible thanks to involvement from alumni and friends. On behalf of all of us at Leeds, thank you for your continued engagement and support. 


Yonca Ertimur, PhD, Acting Dean
Tandean Rustandy Esteemed Professor
Leeds School of Business

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