Since 1971, Leeds School of Business has carried on the cherished tradition of honoring alumni and friends who have distinguished themselves with outstanding professional and personal achievements, and those who have loyally dedicated their time and service to the business school.

The Leeds School of Business is proud to celebrate and give thanks the extraordinary people who epitomize exceptional achievements in business and ongoing service to the School, serving as role models for the next generation of business leaders.

Leeds Alumni Awards 2018
Leeds Alumni Awards 2018
Leeds Alumni Awards 2018
Leeds Alumni Awards 2018
Leeds Alumni Awards 2018

Alumni Achievement Award
The Alumni Achievement Award recognizes  alumni for their exceptional achievement in the  business community.

Alumni Service Award
The Alumni Service Award honors alumni for their sustained commitment, support and exceptional service to the Leeds School of Business, its students, faculty and the community.

Corporate Partner Service Award
The Corporate Partner Service Award recognizes sustained commitment, support and exceptional service to the Leeds School of Business, the University of Colorado Boulder and the community.

Leeds Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Service Award
The Leeds Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Service Award  is the highest award granted to alumni from the Leeds  School of Business. It is awarded to alumni who have  demonstrated a lifetime of support and philanthropy  to the Leeds School of Business, and for exceptional  achievement in the business community.

PhD Alumni Award
The PhD Alumni Award recognizes alumni for their exceptional achievement in the academic community.

Service Award
The Service Award honors sustained commitment,  support and exceptional service to the Leeds School  of Business, its students, faculty and to the community.

William H. Baughn Service Award for Faculty
The William H. Baughn Service Award for Faculty is awarded to a Leeds School faculty member for exceptional service to the Leeds School of Business, and for consistent and ongoing commitment to its students, faculty and programs.

Congratulations, 2021 Alumni and Service Award Winners

Ball Corporation logo

Ball Corporation​ | Corporate Partner Service Award

Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable  aluminum packaging solutions for beverage, personal  care and household product customers, as well  as aerospace and other technologies and services  primarily for the U.S. government. Ball Corporation and  its subsidiaries employ 21,500 people worldwide and  reported 2020 net sales of $11.8 billion. The company  has its headquarters in Westminster and operates about  70 locations in 40 countries. 
Ball has long been synonymous with innovation, ever  since its canning jars were a household staple. While it  left the glass business in 1993, today it’s best known for  the billions of recyclable aluminum beverage containers  it creates, as well as the one-of-a-kind solutions it  develops to answer scientific and technical challenges  in aerospace.

Dr. Hummel

Dr. Robert C. Hummel IN MEMORIAM | Service Award

Dr. Hummel was a dual graduate of The Ohio State  University, with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and  a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine, and he also  completed the Owner/President Management Program  at Harvard University. After starting his career as a  veterinarian, he and his business partner co-founded  Great Plains Chemical Company Inc. in 1967 in Greeley,  which he sold in 2015 under the name Animal Health  International. The company is one of the largest animal  health product distributors in the United States.  
In 2020, Dr. Hummel was honored with the Cattle  Feeders Hall of Fame Industry Leadership Award.  Along with this honor, he was presented with the Ohio  State University Gerlach Award in 2007, the Ohio State  University Distinguished Service Award in 2015 and the  Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine  Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017.

Dan Ivanoff

Dan Ivanoff | Alumni Service Award

Dan Ivanoff is the co-founding owner of Schnitzer West,  LLC, a regional commercial real estate investment/ development enterprise with regional execution teams  in its Seattle headquarters and its Denver regional office. Over the past 24 years, Dan has led Schnitzer West in  repositioning and developing more than 12 million square  feet of institutional-grade investment assets, including  high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise office buildings; urban  multifamily living communities; and warehouse/distribution  buildings. Schnitzer West’s developments deliver cutting edge occupancy experiences, evidenced by best-in-class  improvements, premier credit tenants, and market-high  disposition values. Before founding Schnitzer West, Dan  was the Seattle regional operating partner at Birtcher  Northwest. Dan started his career at Prudential Realty  Group, in San Francisco. 
Dan earned two degrees from the University of Colorado  Boulder: an MBA emphasizing Finance and Real Estate  and an MSCE emphasizing Construction Management.  Dan also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from  the University of Idaho. Dan and his wife, Laurie Ivanoff,  a graduate of Western Colorado University (Gunnison),  created the new construction management track within  the MBA program at the Leeds School of Business  at CU Boulder. Dan and Laurie’s two sons, Seth and  Cole Ivanoff, are also graduates of CU Boulder and are  professionals working in the Schnitzer West Denver  regional office.

Steve Katz


Stephen Katz | Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Service Award

Mr. Katz graduated from the University of Colorado  Boulder in 1971, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting  and economics. His business interests have been long  and varied, including taking over and turning around a  struggling garment manufacturing business and working  in asset-based lending. Over the course of his career,  Mr. Katz worked with businesses of every type and  size, especially startups—including a new title company  with an innovative concept of bringing title insurance  online. As the company grew, Mr. Katz was given the  opportunity to convert debt to equity, and following that  conversion, grew the business to one of the nation’s  larger title companies. Since selling the business  in 2016, Mr. Katz has been involved in real estate  development.

John Lynch

John Lynch | William H. Baughn Faculty Service Award

Dr. Lynch is a distinguished professor at the University  of Colorado Boulder. Previously, he was on the faculty  at the University of Florida and Duke University. From  2017 to 2020, he served as Senior Associate Dean for  Faculty and Research at the Leeds School of Business.  He teaches undergraduate and graduate students about  how to use market intelligence in decision making.  He has supervised or co-supervised nearly 100 PhD  dissertations over his career. 
Dr. Lynch’s published research studies consumer behavior  and marketing research methods, financial literacy  and consumer financial well-being. He is a fellow of  the Association for Consumer Research, the American  Marketing Association and the American Psychological  Association. He previously served on the Academic  Research Council for the U.S. Consumer Financial  Protection Bureau.

Axton Salim

Axton Salim​ | Alumni Achievement Award

Mr. Salim is a director of Indofood, a leading Indonesian  food company, where he is a director of its consumer  branded products business group, heads the dairy  division, oversees marketing efforts and is non-executive  director of agribusiness group. He is also involved in the  startup communities in Indonesia; Block 71 Indonesia,  an incubator community; and Accelrice, Indonesia’s first  food accelerator that empowers and scales up small  and midsized businesses. 
Mr. Salim serves as global co-chair of the Scaling Up  Nutrition Business Advisory Group, and was a member  on the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Council  between 2012 and 2014, and is continuing as part of  GAIN’s Partnership Council. 
As a member of the inaugural cohort of the Obama  Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific Program, he is  committed to values-based leadership and community  engagement. He also sits on the advisory board of  Nanyang Business School at the Nanyang Technological  University, in Singapore. Mr. Salim is a graduate of the  University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in Business  Administration.

Jerome Williams

Dr. Jerome D. Williams IN MEMORIAM | PhD Alumni Award

Dr. Williams earned his PhD from the University of  Colorado Boulder in 1986, the only African-American  to earn a Marketing PhD that year. He rose to become  Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of Rutgers  University’s Newark campus, among many other titles  and accomplishments.  
The American Marketing Association made Dr. Williams  the 55th fellow in its history, citing his landmark research  on racial profiling in the marketplace and his work  as a founder of the PhD Project—a national effort to  encourage people of color to pursue doctoral degrees  and become business school professors. He helped  the CU system create the Diverse Doctorates in  Business Program. 
He was devoted to his wife Lillian, their children Denean,  Derek, Daniel, Dante Williams, and Dachia Williams Oropeza, and their 12 cherished grandchildren.

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