As a Leeds graduate, our students spread all across the country making impacts on multiple organizations and industries. To acknowledge all of our wonderful alumni and the accomplishments in their career, we spotlight someone monthly and host them here. Flip through our incredible alumni and learn more about how Leeds has impacted their career journeys.

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Robbie Singh

Robbie Singh (Fin'20)

Why did you decide to come to Leeds? I came to Leeds because I love the school and the city of Boulder! I was accepted into the Leeds Scholars Program, and that helped me capitalize on my leadership abilities I developed in High School. Leeds is one of the most...

Bruce Edgerly

Bruce Edgerly (MBA'89)

Vice President & Co-Founder, Backcountry Access Inc. Why did you decide to come to Leeds? Leeds was the only business school I applied to because it was close to mountains and rivers. Could you share an experience (or two) that was particularity memorable at Leeds? I joined the CU Kayak...

Erica Kuhl

Erica Kuhl (Mgmt'96)

Founder & CEO, Erica Kuhl Consulting Why did you decide to come to Leeds? I originally wanted to be a psychologist and started off my freshman year focused on that goal. I quickly realized that science was going to be a barrier to achieving this goal as my brain doesn't...

Olivia and Ben Massimino

Olivia (Fin'99) and Ben (Econ'00) Massimino

Co-Founders, Massimino Development Could you share more about how you two met? Ben and I met our sophomore year of college. He was the ATO Powderpuff football coach, and I was a Chi Omega. I wasn’t playing football at first but kept hearing all my sorority sisters talking about the...

Zhenghua (Z) Yang

Zhenghua (Z) Yang (Fin’14)

CEO & Executive Producer, Serenity Forge Why did you decide to come to Leeds? Before transferring to Leeds, I was studying actuarial science in Illinois. As far as I can tell, Leeds is the best business school in all of Colorado and has the strongest quantitative Finance program, which is...

Eric Kramer

Eric Kramer (Fin'81)

2019 Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Service Award Recipient What experiences at Leeds helped lay the foundation for what has become a lifetime of service? Several thoughts come to mind as I reflect on my experiences at CU, but I have to say that my professors played the most influential role in...

Vance Brand

Vance Brand (Fin'53)

Former NASA Astronaut Why did you decide to come to Leeds? I graduated from Leeds when it was still called the CU School of Business in 1953. Before entering the school, I had been uncertain as to what my career direction should be. I was trying to decide between engineering,...

Bryan Meek

Bryan Meek (Mgmt'18)

Second Lieutenant Bryan Meek, Student Pilot, United States Air Force Why did you decide to come to Leeds? My father was a career U.S. Army officer, and his last assignment was as the commander of the Army ROTC department at CU. Growing up around CU, I knew it was an...

Chris Saliba

Chris Saliba (Fin'07)

Strategy Director, Charles Schwab Why did you decide to come to Leeds? I chose Leeds because of its proven reputation for attracting great minds and developing influential business leaders across the country. Could you share an experience (or two) that was particularity memorable at Leeds? My most memorable experiences at...

CU Three Generations

Madison Tarbox (Mktg’19)

Sept. 9, 2019

CU Generations - Special Edition Spotlight How many generations of Buffs do you have in your family? Three Generations! What do you remember your grandparent(s) sharing about their time at CU? My grandma and grandpa fell in love at CU. My grandma taught my grandpa how to dance on that...