CEO of Katz Factoring

Why did you decide to come to Leeds​?Stephen Katz
I was in engineering to start and took a business class from professor Richard Buskirk. From there I transferred into business. He was an inspiration.

What is one thing you learned at Leeds that you will never forget​?
Never say never.

Tell us about a particular professor or mentor that influenced you while you were at Leeds​?
Professor Joe Frascona — excellent in coaching writing, outlining and organizing thoughts.

What is one piece of advice/best practice that has stuck with you throughout your career​​?
Diversify! Rebalance your balance sheet and keep income sources separate.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in pursuing a career in your professional field​?
Go for it, especially in a tech arena like Boulder.

Where has life taken you since you graduated Leeds?
Into many various businesses, mostly real estate ventures. I had my most rewarding experience with my title company. We started with seven people in the back office and sold at 500 people operating in 40 states. Growth is fun.

What do you miss most about Boulder​?
I live in Vail and I enjoy coming back to Boulder to visit CU and friends. It’s fun to rekindle the excitement of living in a city, but I don’t miss the traffic. I especially am thrilled to have the energy of the student body back this year.

Is there anything else you would like to share​?
Pursue the business/engineering program that the Rustandy Building "bridge" has made available. You can’t run a business in 2021 and beyond without a technical background. It’s a marriage that is never going to yield a divorce. They need us and we need them.

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November 2021