Published: June 4, 2020
Leeds alumna Rachel Kubitschek

Why did you decide to come to Leeds?

When I was originally looking at schools, CU Boulder was my last choice. However, I decided to take a tour of the school anyway, and that's what lead me to fall in love with the campus. My tour guide was a business major, and I mentioned that I was interested in the program. He raved about Leeds and the amazing opportunities the school had. I was back and forth between pursuing a major in psychology and business, but I saw that I could combine the elements I like about psychology into a business field, and that's what led me to Leeds. In my sophomore year, I even became a tour guide as a way to give back to what led me to CU in the first place.

What is one thing you learned at Leeds that you will never forget?

The number one thing I learned at Leeds is that anything is possible. I found that as long as I set my mind to something and worked hard, I could get to where I wanted to be. Whether that is traveling the world or working for a dream company, the opportunities are there as long as you take them.

Tell us about a particular professor or mentor that influenced you while you were at Leeds.

The professor who influenced me the most at Leeds was Emily Edwards. Her examples and passion for digital marketing made me fall in love with the subject matter. She was always there to chat with whenever I had career questions, and helped me along my path to find what career worked best for me. I felt like I learned so much more from her classes than I would've thought possible.

What is one piece of advice/best practice that has stuck with you throughout your career?

Something that has always stuck with me is a mentor telling me to constantly advocate for myself and reach out if there are opportunities to advance. I tend to let my personal development fall to the background whenever I am working; however, it is extremely important to continue to grow and find new areas and meet new people to develop a career.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

Never give up! I found that I felt discouraged at times when I was in my sophomore and junior years, feeling worried that I wouldn't find a digital marketing role that I loved. I had a hard time finding internships and thought that would set me up for failure. But, I just kept pushing and networking and building skills anyway. In the end it really paid off, and I am so glad that I put in all of the time and effort to get here despite the roadblocks.

What does life look like for you after graduation?

I will be moving to Denver and working as an Associate Digital Solutions Consultant at Epsilon in the fall! I am so excited for the opportunity to expand my digital marketing skill set and enter the workforce. Until then, I plan to indulge in my old hobbies such as reading and painting.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about Leeds?
My main advice that I would give to incoming freshmen about Leeds is to get involved and take advantage of all of the events and programs. I learned the most by going on career treks and FGX. Being able to travel with the school is so valuable, and I met so many wonderful Leeds alumni. Getting involved helps to find a community within the school and find peers to lean on that you can hopefully stay in touch with post-graduation as well.

What will you miss most about Boulder? 

I will really miss the Flatirons once I leave. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and I am going to miss taking my frequent snapshots of the mountains while on campus.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would also like to emphasize to students to join organizations and attend on-campus events while still at CU. Some of my fondest memories of my time in college come from random activities that the campus hosted and retreats from student-led organizations.

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June 2020