Published: Sept. 9, 2019

CU Generations - Special Edition Spotlight 

How many generations of Buffs do you have in your family?CU Three Generations
Three Generations!

What do you remember your grandparent(s) sharing about their time at CU?
My grandma and grandpa fell in love at CU. My grandma taught my grandpa how to dance on that tiny balcony of the UMC looking out over the Flatirons. My grandpa claims to have "kept the Sink* open" because he gave the place so much business during his time at CU. My aunt was born while they were students, so my grandpa jokes that he "spent his money on baby bottles instead of beer bottles."

What is one piece of advice/best practice your grandparent(s) shared that has stuck with you?
Invest in people. Make them feel like they're the most important person in the world while you are talking to them.

Can you share an experience of yours that was particularly memorable at Leeds?
My most memorable experience was travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on an First-Year Global Experience trip with my Leeds Scholars’ freshman class. We consulted and presented our business strategy recommendations to an Argentine business, learned to tango, cheered wildly like the locals at a soccer match, and ate way too many empanadas.   

Why did you choose to come to Leeds?  
I grew up singing the CU fight song, hating Nebraska football, daydreaming of hiking the Flatirons and hearing stories of CU life from the ‘50s, such as when my grandma taught my grandpa how to dance on the balcony. So, in addition to my strong CU legacy, the choice was even easier for me when I learned that CU Boulder also had a top-notch business school with a focus on social responsibility.  

*A CU student favorite, the Sink is a funky, family-owned landmark restaurant “on the Hill” in Boulder that opened in 1923.

Picture (L to R) Byron “Bus” Tarbox, Journalism ‘58, Madison Tarbox, Marketing ‘19, Scott Tarbox, Accounting/Finance ’84, Law ‘89

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