CU Generations - Special Edition Spotlight Fred Hull

How many generations of Buffs do you have in your family?
In our family there are nine Buffs spanning three generations, eight are from California and one is from Chicago.

Why did you choose to come to Leeds?
I was the first generation in my family to attend CU. I began at the engineering school before eventually making the switch to business.

How did your time at Leeds impact you as a person?
My time at Leeds allowed me to explore a variety of different worlds and disciplines. In business, there are so many different facets – HR, finance, sales, etc. I found that I really enjoyed the marketing side and a class I had in sales and marketing taught by Bill Buskirk.

Could you share an experience (or two) that was particularly memorable?
The entire experience was very enjoyable. One particular memory that stands out was my time in a fraternity. Our group still gets together about every three years. These are all incredible people that I continue to remain in touch with throughout the years.

What is one piece of advice/best practice that has stuck with you?
On first day of class, Bill Buskirk said, “There are three big businesses you can get into that will always be around and make a lot of money: toys, food, & real estate.”

September 2018