CU Generations - Special Edition Spotlight Bill Mark

How many generations of Buffs do you have in your family?
Our family history at the University of Colorado goes back over 100 years. It began with my great aunt in 1915 who attended the medical school and became one of the founders of the women’s physical education department. It then extends through my father, wife, children and other extended family members. We’re even excited that the next generation is coming soon!

Why did you choose to come to Leeds?
I always wanted to attend CU to follow in my father’s footsteps. Upon graduating high school, my dad gave me two choices: to attend CU or CU. I guess that made my decision easy!

Could you share an experience (or two) that was particularly memorable at Leeds?
Graduating from the Leeds School of Business opened up a breadth of career opportunities with the help of an outstanding career services department. I was hired by RCA Corporation in their management trainee program which was a stepping stone to future business and career decisions.

Any particular professors or mentors that influenced you while you were at Leeds?
While in school I developed a mentorship under Dr. Morris Massey, the Associate Dean for Undergraduates at the time. He was the professor who influenced me to pursue my Marketing and Finance degrees. Dean Massey always told me that even though I was not book smart, he knew I was street smart! These street smarts have served me well over the past 46 years of my professional life.

What is one piece of advice/best practice that has stuck with you?
My first piece of advice is to find mentors both personally and professionally since those are the people that will most greatly influence your life. I've been fortunate to have had many mentors who have guided me through both my business and private life.

Lastly, always take the high road when it comes to ethics and honesty – both personally and professionally. That's by far the best way to "earn" respect!

September 2018