Entrepreneurs and strategists excel at the single most challenging problem in business--creating value by aligning internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats. Sometimes that involves creating entirely new companies, even entirely new industries. Often it involves leading innovation or technology commercialization in existing businesses. Students in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship track at the Leeds School of Business develop the skills to create and lead new ventures, to restructure business models, and to build high-performing entrepreneurial teams.  

Career Opportunities

Our program gives students the confidence they need to successfully start businesses and lead companies. A defining trait of an entrepreneur is the desire to chart your own course. That could be starting your own firm, managing a family business, or buying a franchise right after your undergraduate studies or several years down the road.  It could also be as a product manager, market analyst, or development team lead for an existing business, as firms increasingly recognize the importance of integrating entrepreneurship into their business strategies. Other career opportunities include consulting practices, business incubators, and research firms.  

Required Courses

Strategy and entrepreneurship track students complete four required courses, each course is three-credit hours unless otherwise indicated.

ESBM 3700 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ESBM 4830 - Venture Planning
MGMT 4200 - Competitive Strategy
MGMT 4850 - Senior Capstone in Strategy

Elective Courses

In addition, strategy and entrepreneurship track students complete two of the following elective courses.

CESR/MGMT 4430 - Corporate Boards in Action
ESBM 4570 - Entrepreneurial Finance
INBU 3300 - International Management
ORGN 3030 - Leadership Skills
MGMT 3800 - Consulting Skills
ORGN 4020 - Hiring and Retaining Critical Human Resources
ORGN 4030 - Managing Employee Reward Systems
ORGN 4040 - Individual, Team, and Organizational Development

You can find academic policies for the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder by visiting our Academic Advising academic requirements page.

You can find the most current Four-Year Plans that outline the required course work for the Strategy & Entrepreneurship Track by visiting our Academic Advising Four-Year Plan's page.