The principal function of any organization is the efficient creation and delivery of products and services to its customers (operations). The operations management track focuses on this creative process and identifies how organizations use productivity, quality, flexibility, timeliness, and technology to compete and prevail in their markets. Students graduating from the operations management track will have a broad understanding of the importance of operations in the success of any organization, and will be qualified to serve in entry-level line management positions and as general managers later in their careers.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Operations Management track, students find opportunities as production managers, quality assurance managers, logistics managers, purchasing analysts, consultants, project managers and many other interesting and rewarding careers. Recent Operations Management graduates have gotten jobs with Pepsi Beverages, Covidien, Leprino Foods, Staples, Vail Resorts and many other world-class employers.

There are three required courses in the Operations Management track. All courses are for 3 credits unless indicated otherwise.

Operations Management Track Career and Advising Guide

Four-Year Plans

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